Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is Acme People Search Engine a Scam?

Is Acme People Search Engine a Scam?

If there's a 12 Step Program for social networkers, I'd have to admit that I am a Twitter addict.

I kept getting repeated tweets from other network marketers that claimed I could earn $125 within 24 hours by joining a free program. I ignored these tweets for the first week or so. Finally, I decided to investigate. I clicked onto a tweet from a guy in the Philippines. Was this a gifting program? How could they legitimately give me $125 so quickly?

I clicked the link and listened patiently as a man named
Tissa Godavitarne started to explain how he used affiliate programs to solve his unemployment problem. Being in Michigan, a state that is plagued with the highest unemployment rate in America, I was interested.

Tissa might start off making you wish you could afford a million-dollar mansion like his. He might start off showing an IRS Form 1099 to prove his income. But he then gets into the nuts and bolts of his niche search engine. He offered that if I let him build me one for free, he'd advertise it until I earned $125. I thought, "Why not?"

I followed the 3 step process. I admit, I was skeptical. I kept waiting for my scam radar to start blaring an alarm. Sure, in order to complete one step, I had to sign up for a 7-day free trial of GDI. I thought, "Well, why not? If Tissa's $125 doesn't come through, I'll just cancel."

GDI had a flashy sales presentation. It was nicely done. Attention deficit adults like me could be captivated long enough to sign up for the trial.
I already have several websites, most of which end in dotcom, so I wasn't too thrilled about another website except I was curious to see if Tissa would follow through. I created yet one more website, www.myfinderskeepers.ws, as an experiment. After completing the three steps, I waited while Tissa marketed the website through his Adwords campaign. Sure enough, he emailed me back, perhaps it took 24 hours, or maybe longer. And sure enough, there was $125 credited to me. I was shocked. I wondered, "How did he do that?" Then I began to feel like a missionary! I have to spread the Acme Gospel!

In all fairness, a person must earn $75 from the person's own efforts in order to receive a total of $200. This means the person is taught how to earn the $75 so he or she could get the money within the next two weeks. Tissa also has a "Super Sponsor" program that reimburses the person for any out-of-pocket costs. Consequently, the net cost for participating in his program is $0. Still a good deal.

As many of you know, Michigan is the automotive capital of the world, but two of the Big Three have gone into bankruptcy. The auto companies might have emerged from bankruptcy reorganized, but the laid off auto workers and the other businesses that depended on the auto companies are still hurting. Unemployment, pay cuts, lost benefits, and other economic turmoil is rampant. The secret that no one really wants to get out is that Michigan is in a depression.
For some people, $125 ain't much money, but for a family receiving unemployment, $125 can buy school clothes for their children. It can buy some groceries. It can put gas in the car So how many people could benefit from an extra $125? And what if they could earn more than $125 by sharing this "secret" with others? If you're a person needing to benefit from Tissa's "economic stimulus program", then click here.

From a more objective standpoint, getting the extra $75 in order to receive the $125 and $75 in a $200 initial minimum payout is VERY TOUGH to do in a short period of time unless you use PPC (pay per click) marketing. Otherwise, using free marketing tools, it may take you two months to raise $200 total. Most people won't stay focused for so little money for such a long period of time. They'll give up. Objectively, this may be how Tissa makes money and why some people claim he is scamming them.

On the other hand, if you can combine Kevin Lee's book "The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising" with a $200 coupon for advertising on MSN/Bing and $5 of you own cash, then you can begin a PPC campaign. It takes money to make money. The book that contains the $200 coupon costs approximately $13 on Amazon. Get it here!

You can also take advantage of coupons to start PPC campaigns on Google and Yahoo, but these will cost you more of an upfront investment.

Bottom line, you can learn how to do PPC advertising, run your campaign on MSN/Bing and earn $200! Do this within a month, and you'll spend approximately $30. Not a bad return on investment. So is Tissa Godivitarne scamming people? No! At the same time, will you get rich quick or get something for nothing? No!

Sorry to disappoint you. Like everything else in life, you'll reap monetary rewards if you put in time, effort, and a little know-how. This is a legitimate vehicle. Take the drive! http://myfinderskeepers.ws/tissa.htm

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